At War With Myself Every Evening

Nothing makes me feel better than exercise.   I feel like Rocky EVERY SINGLE TIME I come back from even a short run or walk.  EVERYTIME!  And God knows I need it.   I feel like my middle is just expanding since I turned 40.  So I NEED to bust a move, everyday.

It feels like all of my stress gets left behind me when I get out there too.

Problem is – with all the running around driving I do in the evenings for the girls, then they want to eat every night :o) etc etc, I am finding myself ALWAYS tired in the evening.  More tired than motivated.

And I KNOW that just doing it will make me feel more energized etc.   It’s a nice little cycle, and a vicious one.

I know 1 thing – NIKE had it right.  The BEST slogan ever:  Just Do It. 

If I’m ever going to stop being at war with myself – I gotta do it.

I can’t exercise in the mornings – way too early.  So, nighttime is my right time.   Hoping for my motivation tonight!!!!



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Monica Ainsworth
6 years ago

I have been walking 3 miles every morning for 4 weeks now and Listening to you guys helps keep me going. I would rather walk/run at 6:00 am but I have found that I get more exercise if I walk between 9-10 during the all music hour. My speed depends on the type music you are playing so ……keep the fast beats coming! Thanks for your help in getting me in shape.

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