Baby Halloween Costume ideas

Jodi talks about making an Elvis costume and Producer Emilie talks about Jake and Todd’s Christmas themed costumes for this Halloween…

Comment below and help us add to this list!

The old ladies are easy and hilarious! Use cotton balls to make granny hair, put on an old sweater, give the baby glasses with little chains on the side. SO much you can do!

Lumberjack – give a baby boy a beard using makeup, get a plaid shirt, be sure to draw on side burns, and he’ll need a paper or plastic axe.

Elf on the Shelf – perfect for a baby who’s sitting up. Easy costume – you know it!

Harley rider – bandana on head, white t-shirt and or leather jacket, an arm tattoo that says MOM.

Octopus – put a baby in long socks, and fill the same socks with fabric – spread 6 socks around babies waste. Cute!!

Elvis – SO funny and easy. White baby suit, add big obnoxious sequins, add sunglasses. (Here is Jodi and Murphy’s daughter Taylor as Elvis back in the day!  Jodi made the costume!)

Batman – black baby suit and batman head gear\eyes. Let Dad handle making the bat mobile.

Skunk – perfect for a crawler. Get fuzzy white and black fabric. Attach to a black comfy baby suit. Cut fabric accordingly. (this video is ADORABLE!)

Santa – start with a red body suit, add whatever festive trim you want. The beard is harder – maybe use cotton balls for the picture at least.

Superman – a favorite for a little boy!! Superman logo shirt underneath a white button up (opened)…and of course – black glasses!!

Belle – yellow Beauty and the Beast dress, and have a Beast stuffed animal next to your princess.

Abu – the little monkey from Aladdin. Mom & Dad do Aladdin & Jasmine. Cute!

Some ideas you’ve posted on Facebook or emailed us:

  • Elizabeth – My husband and I went as bank robbers and our daughter was a sack of cash in a wagon full of loot!

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5 years ago

Emilee might be able to alter the Snuggly Lion costume’s mane directions to make her baby’s Santa beard.

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