Big books coming out this Fall

Books you’ll want to read in the Fall:

• Tom Wolfe’s Back to Blood (Oct. 23) is set in Miami, with a Cuban mayor and black police chief, after the financial meltdown.

• Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy (Sept. 27) is a dark comedy about politics in a small British town.

• Neil Young’s Waging Heavy Peace is due Oct. 2. Bookseller Cathy Langer of Denver’s Tattered Cover says: “Every year there’s a really well-written, well-published memoir by an aging rocker that hits the market with a bang. It’s Neil’s turn.”

Other memoirs stirring interest:

• Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Total Recall (Oct. 1)

• Penny Marshall’s My Mother Was Nuts (Sept. 18)

• Salman Rushdie’s Joseph Anton (Sept. 18). The title comes from the secret security code he used while in hiding after Iranian clerics issued a fatwa against him.

Sequels will be big:

• Ken Follett’s Winter of the World (Sept. 18) continues his 20th century trilogy.

• Justin Cronin’s The Twelve (Oct. 12) revisits the post-apocalyptic zombie world that he introduced in The Passage.

Kennedys, Streisand, Churchill:

• After their best-selling Killing Lincoln, Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard move on to Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot (Oct 16).

•David Nasaw takes on Joseph P. Kennedy, JFK’s dad, in The Patriarch (Nov. 13).

•William Mann wrangles a legend in Hello, Gorgeous: Becoming Barbra Streisand (Oct. 9).

• And due Nov. 20: The Last Lion, the third and final volume on Winston Churchill, begun by William Manchester, who died in 2004, and completed by Paul Reid.

Crime novels with buzz:

• Lee Child’s A Wanted Man (Sept. 25)

• Jo Nesbo’s Phantom (Oct. 2)

• Michael Connelly’s The Black Box (Nov. 25)

• From the grave emerges The Cocktail Waitress (Sept 18), the long-lost final novel by James M. Cain, the master of noir, who died in 1977.

And then there’s Pippa’s party style:

Celebrate: A Year of Festivities and Friends (Oct. 30) by Pippa Middleton, sister-in-law of Prince William.

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