I am married to Jodi (my favorite redhead) and love to spoil my two daughters, Taylor and Phoebe. I’ve known Sam for the better part of two decades, and married Jodi in 1999. I’ve been called Mr. Safety, Mr. Diplomacy – and occasionally Mr. Paradox because my passion rules my heart. Working with Jodi everyday is not a problem for me – and my favorite time is still dinner with the girls after school.



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9 years ago

Awww, man…I am dissappointed! Today’s trivia on the band Boston was wrong. Jodi was right, saying “it was only one guy and synthesizers” (Tom Scholz). Scholz wrote/produced the songs in his basement and hired the other guys, as the band was basically just his vision – and still is. Singer Brad Delp came in early, and did commit suicide, but not “both of them” (Scholz is still alive, as are the other revolving members). You guys are MUCH better than that in the research and basic music knowledge department!! Certainly better than KTDY with CJ who is annoying, does zero research and doesn’t even know the basics. Sorry to rip him, but he’s not a well-rounded jock and he doesn’t do his homework. (He didn’t know the BeeGees were brothers and rambled on about that for 5 minutes….I couldn’t take it anymore).

But I digress…Boston is practical knowledge in music circles and the Internet is a quick reference to keep us in check. Truthfully, I listen to you guys over CJ because of your familiarity with the basics…but what happened here? It’s the first screw-up I’ve seen in you, and this was an easy one that was quickly researchable. I hate yelling “No, that’s wrong!” into my car radio….haha.

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