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LISTEN: Doggy Diapers

Jodi is thinking of putting Doggy Diapers on Piggy the 1 Eyed Wonder Pug. Would you?

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Desiree Heroux
Desiree Heroux
3 years ago

Hi guys
We also have a geriatric pug
He is 11 his name is Gabriel
Gabe sometimes does not make it to the bathroom but for him it’s no2 , I think it’s easier to see and clean up
Thinking about putting toddler diapers on him
Our daughter had an older dog Angel which has since passed
They tried doggy diapers
Which slid off
She tried the toddler ones which are for squirmy active kids so the elastic on the leg held in place better
Not sure if this will help
Pugs are awesome little piggies
Love your show

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