Friday’s Show Links – 08/28

Here are the movies out in theaters and their ratings:
No Escape – Rated R for strong violence including a sexual assault, and for language.
We Are Your Friends – Rated R for language throughout, drug use, sexual content and some nudity.
War Room – Rated PG for thematic elements throughout.

Fresh baked holiday pumpkin bread on a cutting board

Click here to get Jodi’s Pumpkin Bread recipe!  She made some for Producer Emilie’s birthday yesterday.

Could Producer Emilie tell what Jodi accidentally left out of the pumpkin bread?  Press play below to find out!

What was Jodi’s pumpkin bread missing??

The two things that are in every successful marriage:

  • Every day kindness.  Nothing over the top.  Just kind to each other.
  • Couples are genuinely happy for each other and each other’s success.

Homemade Fettucini Aflredo Pasta with Chicken and Parsley

Here’s the Homemade Chicken Alfredo recipe Jennifer mentioned in the Producer’s Mailbag this morning!

Soft tacos with spicy chicken salad and sour cream.

And here’s the Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos Jodi and Producer Emilie have made to some rave reviews by their families!

Friday’s Podcast Show – 08.28

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