Group Therapy Thursday 06/05

What do you think Anita should do?

Click below to see what Murphy and Sam think she should do:

Click below to see what Jodi and Producer Emilie think she should do:


Dear MSJ

Love you guys…thanks for the laughs every day!

My issue is that I recently started a new job……and I’m the new girl.  I’m also one of the only ladies in this small office.  Everyday, there is a ton of inappropriate humor and discussion.  These guys are just having their kind of fun, but I don’t like it.  It makes me uncomfortable.  I feel like I should say something.  My fear is that once I do, I become an issue for THEM.  And they resent me.  Not sure what to do.   And as I type this.,….there is some snickering about the big busted lady who just delivered our lunch.

Ideas?!  Also – if Sam’s suggestions is to join in, I won’t be surprised :o)

Thanks so much,


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