Group Therapy Thursday – My cousin is getting back together with her loser ex-boyfriend! 07/17

Here’s an age old problem……..but one that id love to get your perspective on.   A relative (let’s say a cousin)….is getting back together with someone the  family cannot stand.   We were all so happy when she got away from this Lah WHO Za HER!     She told me too many stories and things that make this especially hard for me.   She is also sort of pulling away from me already.  THIS is driving me crazy!  She cannot SEE his crazy.  Can I say something??????


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Randall Newsom
Randall Newsom
7 years ago

Unfortunately, it’s best for everyone if nothing is said. You can only hope she sees something in him no one else can. Perhaps they’ve worked things out. Be supportive and “on standby” in case things do go South. Trying to get her to see “his crazy” now could only backfire and cause hurt feelings. You have to hope for the best, prepare for the worst and be there if/when she wants/needs help.

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