How To Be A Good House Guest

With the holiday season approaching, it’s good to be prepared with proper etiquette when staying with family and friends. So here are a few tips that will make you a good house guest.

  • Time of Arrival 
    Keep everyone informed so they will be prepared for you arrival. Don’t just show up unannounced.
    If you happen to be running late, tell someone. And if you happen to be too early, find something to do to kill time (drive around, go shopping, etc.) or check to see if it’s okay to come early.
  • Be flexible
    You are a guest in someone else’s home. Try to adjust to their living style. You may do things differently at your own home, but you should be respectful of they way they live in their home.
  • Keep you guest area neat
    Simple tasks like making your bed or keeping your luggage organized is very courteous.
  • Don’t Hog the bathroom
    Bathroom arrangements are often become difficult the more people are under one roof. Try you best to limit your time in the bathroom as to give everyone else their needed time.
  • Offer a helping hand for meals
    Whether is preparing the food or just setting the table, there’s always a need for help around the kitchen with so many mouths to feed.
  • Don’t make assumptions
    You’re staying at someone else’s home. Don’t assume to you’re allowed access to anything in the house. Always ask permission.
  • Don’t overstay your visit
    It’s great to see your family and friends for the holidays, but it’s not something that lasts forever. You are a guest, not a new roommate. Be aware of when everyone else plans to leave.
  • Be thankful
    Some people (like Jodi) like to leave a little special gift when they leave (or arrive). Whether it’s a simple Thank You note, gift card or specific gift someone wanted; it’s great to show your appreciation for your stay.

You can get ever more detailed tips on how to be a good house guest HERE! 

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