How to wear high heels without killing your feet

  1. Don’t go so high – Podiatrists suggest sticking with heels three inches or less, since they won’t add stress to your back and hips.
  2. Say no to the stilleto – Regardless of the height, a thicker heel is a better option since it offers more stability.
  3. Watch your posture – Keep an eye on how you position your body when you’re wearing heels. Your shoulders should be back, chest out, with soft knees.  Plus try distributing your weight evenly on your foot, not just on the ball.
  4. Watch the slant – A style with a gradual incline, like a platform or a wedge can cause you less pain.
  5. Change is good – Stop wearing the same type of heel or show over and over.  By changing up the type of heel you’re wearing you can give your feet a break.
  6. Softer soles are a plus – A good cushion on the inside can lessen the impact of your foot hitting the pavement and act as a shock absorber.  It will reduce the strain on your knees.

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