Jodi: Gorilla & Boy Madness

The mom whose little boy fell into the Gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo – is she really that different from any of us??  It’s been said that she took her eyes off of him for about 1 minute.  It SEEMS hard to believe that she didn’t see him going so dangerously close to falling in, BUT – I hate to be quick to judge.  If this happened to me, it would be my darkest hour.  I probably would never be able to forgive myself.

 I also hate that the gorilla was killed.  It’s so sad – and probably the hardest for those zookeepers who had to make the decision to do it.  They had a relationship with him and probably loved him.  They had to make a VERY tough but QUICK choice.  I think they did their job.

 And maybe this and all zoos should re think the way the enclosures are built.  NONE of this would have happened if this 3 year old wouldn’t have BEEN ABLE to fall in to start with.

 It’s sad all around.  And even if all parents never made a mistake, and all zoos perfected their exhibits – we all live on this planet, and things happen.

 I tell you what – I’ll bet every single Mom and Dad will think of this at zoos from now on.   Maybe that’s the good part??  I want to find it.

portrait of a silver back gorilla isolated on a black background with room for text


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