Jodi: How Prince scandalized me in 1984

The album Purple Rain was my 1st experience listening to something THAT provocative. It was on a cassette. I played it on my “jam box”.

Some of the songs made me blush. I remember closing my bedroom door so my Daddy wouldn’t hear it. I listened (and blushed) repeatedly.

Most of the famous Prince songs you know well and can sing along. Here are some others that are “deeper cuts” that I loved. You probably know of them – but if not, give them a try. They’ll get into you.

Take Me With U (SUCH a fun, romantic song!)
Baby I’m A Star (instant confidence boost when you need it)
If I Was your Girlfriend (sexy, intimate song)

And….how PERFECT was “I Wanna Be Your Lover”? It was recorded in 1979, long before Purple Rain.

He was light years ahead of most musicians. I hate that we will get no more new creations from him. BUT – word is, he DID have a Vault at Paisley Park filled with unreleased tracks. Hopeful!

Here is a video of a live Purple Rain performance. I sometimes pull this up on my phone and listen/watch when I’m having a yucky day. Works every time. Good medicine, Prince. (Dr. EverythingWillBeAlright.)

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