Jodi: My new morning secret!

I have a new morning secret.

Jodi’s Morning Coffee Dream:
1 part iced black coffee
1 part almond milk

Pour and stir together until it’s the color/mix you desire.


It’s something I am SO glad I FINALLY figured out!!!!!  Quick explanation:  I LOOOOOOOVE coffee.   Especially iced coffee.  An iced latte can lift my spirits like nothing else.  Like a bird with a French fry – winning.   I’ve searched a LONG time for what MY iced coffee drink actually IS.  I’ve created, mixed, brewed, bought and bought more.  I DO love the experience of getting a fresh made latte at my fave coffee house.  BUT – when I get to the studio in the early morning hours – they aren’t open yet.

About the Coffee.  About the Almond Milk:

It can be coffee brewed the night before and refrigerated overnight, or it can be bought iced coffee (unsweetened) – either works well.

It can be regular almond milk, unsweetened, vanilla etc etc.  Whatever you like.

I have no problems with dairy – almond milk just tastes good to me!  Gives it a nutty flavor AND it’s less calories most of the time.  Lasts longer in the fridge too.

If you are looking for a new morning cup of happy, give it a try – and let me know what you think/drink.  Muah!!!

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