Jodi: My Paw Paw – (cooler than all of us)

Had another sweet sweet visit with my Paw Paw.  He is 86, and 100 times cooler than any of us!  Here’s why:


He’s a retired minister – who still ministers any chance he gets.   He creates his own chances.  He volunteers at Nursing Homes every week.  He shows up, plays music and sings for the residents.  They know and love all the songs.  He plays guitar while doing this!

He never misses the chance to tell a joke – and he laughs the loudest.

He says he gets up every morning and feels grateful to have another day.

He has a flip phone, and keeps it in his pocket all the time.  He almost never misses a call.

He’s been writing his life story!  It’s incredible how vivid his memories of early childhood are!  He’s up to 1984 now.  I hope he keeps writing!

He always says the blessing before we eat at family gatherings.  It’s perfect every time.

He turns 87 in September.


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