Jodi: No More Yelling

No more YELLING in my house.  At least from me.


Last year I had foot surgery.   And after it – my voice was never the same, thanks to the tube that went down my throat.  I never heard of this happening to anyone else.  But my voice is VERY different now.  It’s raspy and not as loud.  I’ve found I can barely raise it.  Murphy must be ecstatic!!!  I know our girls must be.

I cannot raise my voice.   I cannot call them from across the house to come to dinner.  I cannot get their attention when they hair earbuds in.  I surely can’t scream at football games or concerts anymore – so sad!!!  L   I ordered coffee at a drive thru the other day, and the barista couldn’t hear me over the AC running next to the speaker.   It’s an adjustment – to say the least!!

It is also a MIXED blessing.  I’ve learned to be quieter, even in my own head.  Its calming.

And it makes me a better mother.  Our pediatrician once told us, to have a home where parents didn’t yell.  I remembered loving the advice, but had trouble living it.   Now I do live it.   It’s nice.  Or at least that’s what my family says :o)

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