Jodi: What moms REALLY want for Mother’s Day

I had the PERFECT Mother’s Day weekend last year.  I am HOPING to repeat it this weekend :o)  (hint hint Murphy)


On Saturday, I had ME Time.  FREE TIME!!!  I shopped.  I drove around.  I got a pedicure.  No schedule, no plans, no one NEEDING me.  It was bliss!!!  But just for the day.   I think I was home by 6;30 pm (party animal!)

On Sunday, I woke up for my FAVORITE part of Mother’s day – when the girls come into our bedroom with breakfast and their homemade goodies for me.  LOVE this!!   Priceless.  I’ll miss it when they grow up


SO – what Moms want, is ME TIME.  More than 70% of Mothers say they need/want this.  A day when no one NEEDS them!!!  Even if just for a little while.  A little present is a good idea too.   But that’s personal.  You know this hot mamma mess – you know what she likes.

Happy Mother’s Day.  Enjoy your time.  I hope you get it!!

Breakfast for mother's day,Concept.

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Tammi Fox
Tammi Fox
6 years ago

All i want for mothers day is for my kids which are adults to get there life straight. 2 are alcoholics which one has been in recovery and taking it day by day other one which he lives back home continues to drink. My daughter needs to realize that my grandson whos 13 is a true gift from god. Happy Mother’s day to all the moms

6 years ago

I would be happy with a phone call and not just a text. But, actually getting to see my son would be the best.

Marcella Oleksa
6 years ago

All I want is to sleep in and my hubby to finish my bathroom and finish my living room. Oh wait on the last part wishes to hard. In all seriousness I just want to spend quality time with my children

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