Jodi: Why I have a special love for Pit Bulls

10561688_10203066495732155_3696484972807790534_nWe have rescue dogs.  3 big boxers, 1 pit, and 1 old pug.   My basketball team!!  You could say we have our own pack.  We started out with a special affinity for boxers.  BUT – our Pitbull has become such a standout.  I now have a special place in my heart for this breed.  Here’s why:

Stella, our pit bull, is the most sensitive and open to suggestion of our dogs.  Of any dog I’ve experienced!  She will do ANYTHING we suggest.  She is obedient times 100.  I see now why and how this breed is so exploited.  Yes they are strong and fit etc.  But mostly – receptive to direction.  A true loyal servant dog.

10154014_10201805039796545_6945485963065054121_nAnd of course I am aware of the headlines and history and truly tragic things that have happened with some owners of this breed.  But those are cases where the dog wasn’t stable and should have never been in a family situation.   It was human error to have them there.

I now THINK I’m brave enough to watch a documentary on Netflix that I’ve come across.   I started it anyway.  It’s called The Champions.  It’s about the rehabilitated dogs (the ones that DID survive) from the Michael Vick dog fighting rings.


I started it.  It got me right away.  I am only a few minutes in.  I got called away to make dinner, but it’s on my list!!   Just wanted you to know it’s out there.  I’m amazed when dogs who are abused can still give love, and not give up on human beings.   Just like my Stella.  Isn’t she lovely??

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