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Jodi’s Blog: WHY and HOW I Foster Dogs

I didn’t plan this.   It’s not what I expected to be “my passion.”   I’ve lots to be happy and passionate about.  But here’s WHY and HOW I foster dogs:

5 or 6 years ago a friend I was getting to know was telling me about how she’s involved in rescue.  We talked all about the shelter and what it’s like for dogs there.   And how MANY are homeless!  L  I told her how much I loved dogs and how much our 2 had come to mean to our family etc.   I explained that I’d love to help somehow.   Then she said 3 little words that changed my life.  She said – “you can foster.”


I never knew this even existed!  That week we went to the shelter, and I brought home our first foster dog.  She was lovely, scared, shy and hopeful.  She quickly gained confidence with our pack and routine.   I DO understand how easily it would have been to just adopt her.    But I wanted to make a bigger DENT.  I wanted to do the BIGGER PICTURE thing.  So I was tough.  She got adopted by a friend who had just lost their fur baby.  (I still get to see this dog (Bailey) from time to time!!!)

Since that 1 successful fostering, we have fostered 22 times :O)   And yes, I LOVE THEM ALL.   And it’s sad to say goodbye.  BUT – this is the ONLY way to MAKE a DENT, make a DIFFERENCE.   That’s why and how I do it.

The reason it’s “my passion” – is b/c it makes me SO HAPPY.  I love knowing that these once homeless, sad dogs now have loving forever homes.

Oh – and I satisfy my dog craziness with PLENTY of my own dogs.   We currently have a pack of 4 – who happily accept new fosters all the time.


So yes, you can do it!!  SO MANY people tell me they couldn’t do it.   It’s not true.   Try it.   Speak to your local shelter or rescue organization.  They can train you, teach you everything.  I learn something new each time.  Mainly – that I love all dogs.

I am addicted to doing it, and plan to ALWAYS foster.   And if it’s not for you – consider adopting a shelter dog.   That is, IF you want to be loved unconditionally.  #adoptdontshop



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Michelle Montalbano
Michelle Montalbano
4 years ago

Hi Jodi,
My name is Michelle and I have a wiener/beagle mix he’s about 5 years old now. He was given to us by a friend when he was just a puppy. It has been hard to keep him up to date with shots and food and all he needs. My husband passed away 4 years ago and it has been very hard to keep him. I have tried to find him a good home because he is a very sweet dog and deserves someone who will love and take care of him properly. I was hoping there could be some way you could help. Where I live our shelter is a kill shelter and no one has wanted to take him. I have tried it all. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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