Jodi’s Hollywood Outsider – Fourth of July weekend!

Producer Emilie here – wrapping up this holiday week with one more of Jodi’s Hollywood Outsiders!  I’ll be back bright and early Monday morning as the gang will be on vacay one more week.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner take their family on vacay – Well they may have announced their getting a divorce after 10 years of marriage, but they are definitely still co-parenting!  They’ve taken their 3 kids off the Bahamas together.  Apparently they made sure they were all away together and out of the public eye before they made their big divorce announcement – to help protect their children.  Who in their right mind would question children (ages 9, 6, and 3) about their parents divorce?!  That is so dirty.

Taylor Swift‘s new beau, Calvin Harris, only has eyes for her – He posted a sweet Instagram shot (check it out here) of Taylor in front of a BBQ pit and captioned the pic “She cooks too”.  Aw!  That’s right.  There’s nothing Taylor Swift probably can’t do!  I wonder how many songs she’s write about this relationship!

Matt Damon debuts a PONYTAIL?! – WHAT?!  And who knew it would look so good on him!  CLICK HERE to see Matt’s new ‘do.  Still not sure if it’s for an upcoming movie role or now, but I’m liking it! I wonder when he’ll have to start answering questions about his BFF’s (Ben Affleck) divorce announcement.

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