Jodi’s Hollywood Outsider – Tuesday 06/30

While Jodi and the guys are out on vacay, I figured I could still share some Hollywood Outsider news with you! – Producer Emilie.

1 – Top Gun 2 is coming – and Tom Cruise is set to star in it!  This time Maverick will be manning a fleet of drones.  So 2015!

2 – Guardians of the Galaxy sequel gets a name – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.  Wow.  That’s a life changer…word is Chris Pratt did cry when he read the script.  Director James Gunn did say this movie will be more emotional than the first and concentrating more on fathers.  Did you like the first Guardians of the Galaxy?

3 – Forbes names the top earning celebs of 2015 – Wait…2015 isn’t over yet!  Oh well here are your top 5 starting with #5: Floyd Mayweather ($300 mill), Manny Pacquiao ($160 mill), Katy Perry ($135 mill), One Direction($130 mill), and Howard Stern ($95 mill).  Click here for the rest of the top 100!

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