Jodi’s Hollywood Outsiders – 10/11

Enchanted’ is Getting a Sequel

News recently broke that there is going to be a sequel to the 2007 animated/live action Disney film. Amy Adams is set to reclaim her role and Giselle but no word yet as to if Patrick Dempsey will be back to costar in the film. The sequel is said to be set 10 years after the original movie, and will deal with Giselle struggling with her “happily ever after.” The movie will be called ‘Disenchanted‘ and is aiming for a 2018 release date. Get more here! 

Shia LaBeouf Gets Married In Vegas

It looks like the controversial 30-year-old has tied the knot in Las Vegas. According to reports, it was a Vegas themed ceremony which included an Elvis impersonator and a hula dancer. See more here! 

Kim Kardashian’s #33,000 Necklace Has Been Found 

As I’m sure you know, Kim Kardashian was robbed at gun point while in Paris last week. Millions of dollars worth of jewelry was taken from her by two masked men. According to reports, one of the pieces of jewelry has been found. Her cross pendant was discovered just outside of her apartment complex and has been taken to be DNA tested to help catch the men who robbed her. CLICK HERE for more.

Michelle Williams to Play Janis Joplin

The actress is in talks to play rock icon, Janis Joplin, in an upcoming biopic. According to theguardian: The film, titled Janis, is based the singer’s sister Laura Joplin’s book Love, Janis, which uses the singer’s letters to track her life from the coffee house roots of her career through to Woodstock, when she struggled with alcohol and drug addiction to cope with her sudden celebrity.

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