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Jennifer Lopez to Star in ‘Bye Bye Birdie’ LIVE

It won’t be out until December 2017, but the pop superstar is set to star and produce the live musical of ‘Bye Bye Birdie’. A cool fact we love about this is that Lopez was never asked to do this. She actually went to NBC with the idea. “To have a superstar like Jennifer Lopez starring in this classic show, which every high school in America has done, will ensure that our holiday musicals continue to be must-see events for the whole family,” Robert Greenblatt, the chairman of NBC Entertainment, said in a statement. “It was her idea to take on this classic singing and dancing role made famous by the legendary Chita Rivera, and we are so happy to oblige!”

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Madonna and Idris Elba Together?

“They arrived together at around 3am and were all over each other. There was nothing subtle about it, no attempt to hide. It was very blatant,” says a source. “They were at the party for about an hour, they would dance, go off to smooch, then mingle a bit more….. They only had eyes for each other. That seemed very, very clear.”  See more at The Sun.

Idris Elba Smashes it at York Hall! 👊🏾😂🇬🇧

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