Jodi’s Hollywood Outsiders – Friday 11/04

Mariah has two very specific requests from her ex-fiance and it’s the last SNL before election this weekend

Mariah Carey wants her billionaire ex-fiance to pay an “inconvenience fee” and…

Mariah Carey and her billionaire ex-fiance, James Packer, didn’t have a pre-nup written yet for the now canceled March wedding, but were apparently in talks.  Well now Mariah wants a $50 MILLION “inconvenience fee”!  Apparently she’s also waiting for an apology from James because he broke up with her so publicly.  It is yet to be seen if she will get EITHER of her requests…
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Mariah also had her first live performance in a while in Toronto last night!  And of course she kicked off Christmas with her hit!

Christmas queen #MariahCarey kicked off the Christmas season performance💃🏼 in Toronto🇨🇦, 3 Nov Picture credit: @mariahcareyau

A photo posted by Me. I Am Wilfred ♈️, HKG🇭🇰🐑 (@fredwilwil) on

What will SNL do this weekend before the election?

Well two things we know for sure are: actor Benedict Cumberbatch will host and Solange will be the musical guest!  But surely we’ll have “Hillary” and “Trump” back again, right?  I mean, it is the last SNL episode before election day on Tuesday!

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