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Jodi’s Hollywood Outsiders – Friday

Candace Cameron Bure is Leaving ‘The View’

“I’m very happy to be back, but it’s a little bittersweet for me today because I’m announcing that I’m leaving ‘The View,'” she said. “It wasn’t an easy decision, but before I started ‘The View,’ I already had my commitments to ‘Fuller House’ and my work with the Hallmark Channel.”

“Because of the success of those, my commitments have become even greater with those shows and the commute of going West Coast to East Coast every single week for me has been tough on me and hard for my family as well and I want to make sure that I am able to spend as much time with my children and invest in all the projects that I do to the fullest extent.”

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Taylor Swift and Zayn Surprise Fans with a New Single

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Leonardo DiCaprio Meets with Donald Trump to Discuss Environmental Job Opportunities

DiCaprio, 42, and the head of his charitable foundation met with Trump to talk about how jobs focused on preserving the environment can boost the economy, reports the Associated Press.The meeting lasted approximately 90 minutes. During their time together, DiCaprio gifted Trump with a copy of his environmental documentary Before the Flood. He had previously given Ivanka a copy as well.

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