Jodi’s Hollywood Outsiders – Thursday

Jamie Foxx to Produce Marvin Gaye Limited Series

Jamie Foxx is producing a limited series about Marvin Gaye. Many others have tried to do this in the past, but Foxx is the only one to have the blessing of Gaye’s family and son (who will also produce).

“I’ve been a huge fan my whole life. His brilliance in music is unparalleled,” Foxx said in a statement. “Marvin Gaye’s story has always fascinated me.”

“Marvin was the truest artist I have ever known,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “I am confident that this is the right team to bring his story to the audience in an authentic and compelling way.”

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‘Star Wars’: X-Wing Zooms In To Hollywood for ‘Rogue One’ Premiere

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Brad Pitt’s Attempt to Seal Divorce Documents Denied

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Ryan Reynolds is EW’s Entertainer of the Year for 2016

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Review: ‘Hairspray’ has Plenty of Luster as NBC’s Best Live Musical

Check out some of the highlights below.

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