Jodi’s Magic Wand – My True Hair Makeover Story :)


I didn’t choose the wand, the wand chose me.

After years of fighting the natural waves and wearing my hair straight, I’ve had a vision.  A breakthrough.  When we had pics taken recently – the stylist took a curling iron to my very long red mane.  I didn’t say a word….but inside I was screaming.  I didn’t want to channel the late 80s me  (pass the aqua net, thank you very much).

Once she was done, she ran her fingers through these fun red swirls – and I was hooked.  I was happy.  It felt free and fun.

When the shoot was over I didn’t want to wash my hair for days because I knew I’d lose the fun new look I was feeling.  Also I knew I’d somehow have to create it again myself.  In came my teenage daughter who said – “just use my wand mom, duh.”

This curling wand has no separate curling iron piece that holds the hair in place to heat.  It looked like a wannabe fat iron that got confused.  YOU have to wrap your hair in strands and hold it near the hot tapered wand for the desired look.  But I desired it!   It actually only takes a few minutes for basic waves, and I’ve only burned my finger every OTHER time so far.  Worth it!

I love this new (but actually old) option for my hair.  I felt stuck in a “look rut”.  NO MORE!  And the best part, is that even when it’s a mess, it looks like that’s what I was going for.  I don’t brush it after using the wand, only run my fingers through it.   FREEDOM!!  And when I want it smooth and straight again – I just lay off the wand.  MORE FREEDOM!

jodi hair

Here’s a link to some good wands.   I highly recommend having one, even if just for a special night out.   Play with it, learn it, and you get to do whatever you want with your hair, finally!  It’s about time.

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