Key Life Skills To Teach Your Children

There are certain life skills every child should learn at different points of their lives. Below are some of the main ones you should be sure to teach them to ensure themselves an independent and self sufficient future.

Elementary School

  • Personal safety: (address, emergency contacts, and what to do in certain emergency scenarios)
  • Care of self: (wash themselves, brush their teeth, get dressed and  personal hygiene)
  • Care of others: (taking care of a pet or other siblings)
  • Talking to others: (looking people in the eye and carry on a polite conversation) Kids can practice by ordering food at a restaurant, paying for items at a store and asking a librarian for help locating a book.

Middle School

  • Being home alone: (start with short periods of time until they feel comfortable)
  • Kitchen safety: (using the stove and knives properly, as well as what goes into cooking a meal)
  • Label reading: (laundry instructions or the dosage on common medicines)
  • Managing social situations: (handshake, eye contact and smile.) Show interest by asking questions about their work, family, hobbies, etc. After listening attentively, give feedback about what was shared.

High School

  • Money management: (allowance, setting up a savings account, etc)
  • Responsible driving: (Know the dangers of texting (or drinking) while driving, how to pump gas and how to add air to or change a tire. They should also know whom to call in case of a roadside emergency)
  • Time management: (Juggling school assignments, extracurricular activities and a social life can be challenging for any teen.)
  • Getting and keeping a job: (There’s more to success in the workplace than getting the right college degree.)

Remember, it’s not how well they master the actual task; the act of learning these life skills also has far-reaching benefits.

CLICK HERE to see the full detailed list.

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