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LISTEN: Back-to-school shopping

Listen to what Jodi spent more money on when she was back-to-school shopping with her daughter than she has ever spent in the past. (She didn’t even tell Murphy about it….until now)

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Becky Oglesby
Becky Oglesby
4 years ago

My 11 yr. old goes through shoes and backpacks quick. I buy good shoes, but recess he is rough on them.The backpacks getting torn,I think has to do with all the books he has to carry..too heavy, they don’t have lockers.I say spend big on the main supplies for sure.

4 years ago

I hear you girl! We had to replace back packs mid year a LOT with our kids. When LL Bean came to Eastview it changed how we shopped. When Andraya was going in to 5th grade we bought her a Deluxe Plus book bag (and her 4th grade brother Ben too) and she is now going into 9th grade and still has the same bag! Ben’s zipper broke and LL Bean replaced the bag for us. While on the pricey side it is 100% gauranteed for life.

I love that your daughter was thinking about “plain” bag so her buttons would stand out.

I listen to your show every morning on the way to work, as a mom of 6 kids, it’s so wonderful to hear your take on life and current events.

Love you 3!

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