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LISTEN: Jodi’s Mother’s Day Extravaganza

Every year for Mother’s Day, Jodi does not ask for gifts or presents. She asks for something every mother loves and NEEDS in life.

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Arie Doremus
Arie Doremus
4 years ago

Listening to your program in the morning while driving the kids to and from school is one of the most times I listen to the radio. Mother’s day will be very sad for me and my family; we lost my mother on the 24th. It was sudden, one day ok (before and after surgery on Sunday) the next day; your mom is a very sick woman and then less than 10 hours later, she takes her last breath. Please tell everyone that no matter where they are they need to call and talk to their moms. I can no longer talk to mine. I miss making her coffee in the morning, washing her feet, giving her a bath, washing her hair, even down to doing her laundry. I wish she were still here. Happy Mother’s Day.

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