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LISTEN: The cookie that made Murphy cry

“Grief does not come on a schedule. It comes to you when you least expect it. You have to let it happen to you.” -Jodi

(Listen to the original conversation from the show starting around 26:52)

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4 years ago

On Wednesday, May 31st you played a clip of a show that the 3rd season just started but someone binge watched seasons 1 & 2…what was the name of the show???

4 years ago

This happened a few years after my Mom passed away. I was having dinner with my husband at Soup and Salad and they had jello with whip cream on it. So I go up and get one thinking. Wow , it’s been forever since I had jello like this. When I sat down to eat it, I started crying. Because as a kid my Mom used to take me shopping downtown and sometimes we would stop at Kress drugstore and we would have red jello with whip Cream. My husband gets back to the table and doesn’t know why I’m crying. It’s crazy how it’s the littlest things that get you.

4 years ago

My mother passed 20 years ago this year & when my daughter & nephew were really little, she had purchased each child (& herself) a “Mr. Christmas Mickey’s Musical Carousel” that had 5 characters & played a selection of mechanical sounding Christmas carols. Attached to the box, I still have the card from my mother in her handwriting when she gave it to Miranda, who is now 26. So every year @ Christmas, as I “carefully” pull out the Carousel to place on or under our Christmas tree (my husband has had to repair it a few times), when I see the card, I quietly whisper Merry Christmas to my mother. Christmas was her favorite holiday. By the way, her carousel went to my niece who was not born when the others were purchased.

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