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LISTEN: The Organizer

It took a while (because Sam could not stop laughing), but we all found out how Murphy’s organizer got involved in her business.

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3 years ago

I had to purge too.I just finally made my self get rid of what I haven’t used in a year. My sentimental things I kept.. Both of my parents “collect things”..My mom is more into trinkets and dishes. But my dad has a huge car garage that he can hardly walk inside, because it’s so full. I’m not joking. He’s getting ready to build another garage, I told him I would help him organize them
I guess they keep stuff, some they need and some sentimental, b/c they grew up without a lot. I think it’s hard to throw things away, b/c of it.

Tamra Oswalt
3 years ago

Love you guys, the music is a plus!!!!

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