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LISTEN: Voice to text dilemma

Murphy constantly does this, and it drives his kids crazy. And now Sam has witnessed it first hand.


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4 years ago

I listen to you every morning going to work. Murphy and Jodi are so positive. And I finally found your website. You don’t look like I imagined… but better!
As to Sam and his relationships and getting used to being single, I think that’s ok. It appears that maybe he values “things” like spoons and pots and pans more than people. If he valued people and realtionships more, then maybe there wouldn’t be so many divorces. It also might be a “protection”, thinking unconsciously that he has to stay in “control” so others don’t find out about the true him for fear they might not like him and his foibles and leave. And the end result is, they do leave anyway. If he “let go” he might find that they stay instead and that truly, he is a good person. Pick your battles! And so because of that, it’s ok to be single in order not to mess anyone else up. He is a good person otherwise he wouldn’t have friends. He just doesn’t know it yet! I wish him well on his life journey, whatever it is! And let him know, whatever he does, on a daily basis, he is “training” his kids to act the same.something to think about. Best to all!Love your show! You have become my “radio” family and I look forward to hearing your voices everyday.

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