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Sam’s discovered a way to grocery shop WITHOUT having to interact with anyone – or get out of the car.

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3 years ago

I recently started using the Wal-Mart Grocery pick up and I love it! I work full time, going to school for my Nurse Practitioner, have one grandson (we are very active with him) and a granddaughter due in March. My time as like most people’s is very valuable and limited. This saves me so much time! We are having my daughter-in-law a baby shower tomorrow (Saturday) and I ordered all the food, drinks, cups and even some baby items online to be picked up today at noon. The only draw back is, you have to order your items the day before. So if you are low on anything – don’t wait. There is a $30 minium to purchase. Try it out! It will change your life! Oh, and Krogers has the same service (so I’m told by my co-worker).

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