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LISTEN: What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?

The gang goes around the table a share what scary movie truly affected them and why.

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3 years ago

When I was 16 my mom and I used to live in these 1970’s apartments that had never been remodeled. I would always hear what sounded like dishes moving- didn’t think anything of it. My mom would always ask if I liked sitting at the edge or her bed while she slept because she would feel the bed dip- I didn’t . Also our cat would always hiss and try to attack the same spot at the edge of her bed. I was 16 so none of this phased me. Finally, we decided to move from that place. My mom was cleaning out the kitchen and since there was an insane amount of high cabinets was making sure we didn’t forget anything. Well she found this black book with black pages and gold writing. In the front it said Satanic Rituals. My mom was in shock so I grabbed it and threw it in the dumpster.

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