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Milo Ventimiglia Reveals Details about Season 3 of ‘This is Us’

“For fans who want MORE Jack Pearson – here’s a little something to look forward (or back) to.”  Jodi

Listen to Jodi talk about it at 2:25 in the show podcast below

According to People

“We’re definitely going to see Jack in the Vietnam era,”

Before This is Us starts filming again in July, the Emmy nominee will go to work shooting TheArt of Racing in the Rain and enjoy one of his favorite hobbies: riding his motorcycle.

“I’m on my bike four days a week,” says Ventimiglia, who partnered with Harley-Davidson to celebrate the brand’s 115th anniversary. “I really look forward to hopping on my Harley.”

“I remember being a kid and seeing a Harley-Davidson go by and hearing the sounds and seeing its rider kind of wave at me, thinking, God, that must be fun to be that free on a motorcycle with the wind in your face and a road in front of you,” the California native recalls. “Every time I get off my bike, I look back at it with that kid excitement of, ‘Wow, I really, really love riding.’ ”


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4 years ago

O ….M…. G ….. I never wanted to fall in LOVE with this series.
But thanks to Sam and getting Jodi on board …. I fell right into it whole hearted …. and Oh my goodness …. I am into this …Hook, Line and Sinker!!!! Jack is so amazing … and I still can’t believe he is gone …… what a true to real life show this is …. can’t get enough of it!!! I’m scared to get caught up …. cause I love being able to watch one episode after another …. but like Jodi …. I have to pace myself!!! Also have to say you guys are absolutely “The BEST” and I can’t get started in the morning without you guys!!! Thanks for doing what you do to make us all happy and smiling on our way out the door every morning!!!

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