Monday’s Show Links – 01/25

The top trending slang words and acronyms by teens, and their translations…
– PAP – Acronym meaning “post a picture”
– Bad – Just like the olden days of parents’ yore, bad still means good but it has shifted slightly and means something even more positive like hot
– Ship – Short for relationship
– :3 – A symbol meant to represent the cat face made by anime characters when they say something clever, sarcastic, or comment on something cute
– IDEK – Acronym for “I don’t even know…”
– IKR – Acronym meaning “I know, right?”
– OOTD – Acronym for “outfit of the day;” commonly used to prompt someone to post a picture of their current outfit or to share your current outfit with friends/followers
– SMH – Acronym for “shaking my head;” in reference to something distasteful
– Dime – The highest rating on a scale of 1-10; used to share approval or express how good something is
– Savage – Used to describe something that is hardcore or extreme, in a good way
– TBR – Acronym for “to be rude;” usually said before the person shares their true – and harsh – feelings
– Peep – Can refer either to friends (your people), or to look at/listen to (e.g. peep this)
– GOAT – Acronym for “greatest of all time”
– No chill – Used to describe someone who is being irrational
– Likers get rate – A phrase that implies the original poster will rank anyone that likes/comments/answers a post, typically around how cool they are perceived to be or how they look; also used to incent followers to like posts to get something (usually indicated in the post) in return
– Frog emoji + coffee cup emoji – Based off a popular meme of Kermit the Frog drinking a cup of tea, teens use this emoji combo to sarcastically imply “but that’s none of my business” or “I’m just saying”

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Monday’s MSJ Show – 01.25



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