Monday’s Show Links – 03/07

Yesterday was Phoebe’s Daddy/Daughter dance with Murphy!  Press play below to find out how it went.

Phoebe’s Daddy/Daughter dance with Murphy


Find out what Sam’s BIG issue is with the women on the online dating sites he’s on.  Press play below!

Sam’s problem with the women he’s seeing on dating sites

Will Murphy get surgery?

Monday’s MSJ Show – 03.07

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Charlotte L.
Charlotte L.
6 years ago

Sam, I wholehearted agree with some of your frustrations with these dating sites! I considered my self an old fashioned gal and would like to get to know someone before I determine I want to date them, or even marry them!!
This may be a little bold, but if you wanna go hang out and have some coffee let me know! (hahaha)

6 years ago

I agree with you Sam. Some things I have found on the questions while signing up is the wording is off. Ex: Do You have kids, Do You Want More Kids? HELLO? Want more as in HAVING more, or open to prospective date/partner later has kids? Then to complicate matters kids as in minors or grown? The marriage I take as inevitably leading to marriage and not like right away. Agreeing with Emilee & Jodi. You have cats and should say that as many people have cat allergies. This is for Jodi, the saying you couldn’t complete. Pray for the best and prepare for the worst. I have seen some family friendly movies you all may like. Do You Believe, Woodlawn, 99 Minutes In Heaven, Our Fathers, God Is Not Dead, Heaven Is For Real. Good Luck Sam in your search for that lucky lady. Murphy I applaud you for being a dad who is there for his daughters. I want to say daddy/ daughter dance as well because of the expression, Anyone Can Be A Father, It Takes Someone Special To Be A Daddy! Congratulations Uncle David on Olivia Rose. I LOVE her name. Please congratulate your sister for me. Hugs to my Sunshine Morning Crew! I LOVE you all & THOROUGHLY LOOOOVE listening on my way to work and AT work.

6 years ago

I wanted to just “hang out” too. I found ALL those sites were about was hooking up. That’s not what I’m looking for at all. Stay true to you, Sam.

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