Monday’s Show Links 04/11

Need help waking up and being a morning person?  Try these!

  • Don’t wait to brew your coffee when you wake up!  Set it to be brewing as you’re waking up so you can SMELL the coffee!
  • Get up on the same time on the weekends as you do on weekdays (Good luck with that!).
  • Drink a glass of COLD water when you wake up!
  • Get the Sleep Cycle app – it will wake you up in your lightest sleep cycle!
  • Sam feels like not snoozing helps wake him up.

Steph wrote the show asking for some TV Shows that are appropriate for her 12 year old to watch.  Click here to get the list you’re helping us build!

Click here to get the argument mistakes couples make and apparently Murphy and Jodi are big offenders!

MSJ’s Monday Show – 04.11

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6 years ago

Re: Rent a car for a date, Sam.
Little different, but I surprised my gal friends by renting a rag top to go to the beach for the day. Was able to get a decent rate. Really made things fun for not much money.

6 years ago

My husband, three boys ages 13, 13 and 11 and I all watch Supergirl on Mondays. No uncomfortable story lines! It’s a great show for the family!

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