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Sam’s Light Saber

Sam brought one of his most prized possessions to the studio, his light saber! He’s letting one of us borrow it. Find out who and why.

Jodi’s Hollywood Outsiders

‘Daria,’ ‘Beavis & Butt-Head’ Returning to TV as VH1 Classic Becomes MTV Classic
Those who still want their MTV are about to get their fill. On Aug. 1, the channel currently known as VH1 Classic will be rebranded as MTV Classic, and be pumped full of all the shows that built Music Television into a viewing destination for all the cool kids in your neighborhood. CLICK HERE for more!


American Horror Story Season Six Theme Revealed
American Horror Story Season Six theme will be: FOREST.  It will be a cross between Peter Pan, Deliverance and The Exorcist.  There will be a “very scary” farmhouse involved, and the story-lines for the upcoming season are “far more sinister and scary” than previous seasons. CLICK HERE for more details on the new season.

J.K. Rowling Says Harry Potter is Done After Cursed Child
Speaking at the Palace Theatre on the premiere of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Rowling told the press that Harry’s journey in the two-part play has brought his story to a close, making way for new characters and stories. CLICK HERE to find out more!


“Jason Bourne” number one in the box office at $60 million
Even after a nearly 10-year hiatus, “Jason Bourne” still has it at the box office. The Matt Damon-led sequel has raked in a healthy $60 million in its opening weekend, according to studio estimates Sunday. CLICK HERE for more.


Justin Timberlake Accepts Teen Choice Decade Award: Read His Inspirational Speech
Kobe Bryant presented the award to the singer, who has now won an impressive 23 Teen Choice Awards throughout his career. It was given to him for his his continuous evolvement as an artist over the past 10 years. CLICK HERE for all the details.

Airport Mistakes

10 mistakes you’re making at the airport
Here are 10 typical airport mistakes you may be making, as well as my expert tips on making it out of the airport, and onto your plane, with as little hassle as.

  1. Not downloading your airline/airport app
  2. Not checking in online
  3. Not having TSA PreCheck
  4. Not bringing food with you
  5. Wearing the wrong clothing
  6. Not taking advantage of courtesy checked bag at the gate
  7. Not playing nice
  8. Not buying a pass to the airport lounge
  9. Sending personal information over the airport Wi-Fi
  10. Not marking your luggage

For the full detailed list, CLICK HERE.

Pokemon Baby Names

Pokemon Baby Names Are Becoming A Thing, & Here Are The Most Popular
More parents and parents-to-be have chosen to give their children names found in the crazy-popular game. According to BBC News, the top baby names related to “Pokemon Go” (in order of popularity) appear to be Roselia, Onyx, Star, Eevee, Ivy, Ash, and Shay. CLICK HERE for more.

Music News

Bette Midler Mentoring Team Blake Shelton During ‘The Voice’ Season 11
Miley Cyrus has teamed up with Joan Jett; Sammy Hagar will mentor Adam Levine‘s team; and Alicia Keys has Charlie Puth helping out her team members. Then, on Thursday (July 28), Shelton officially revealed the news via Twitter. CLICK HERE to find out more.

Jodi’s Good Thing

Olympic Runner Who Once Couldn’t Afford Shoes Now Donates Kicks To Kids
When the 28-year-old Olympian, Brenda Martinez, was unable to afford running shoes when she was a young girl training in track and field, . Now, she’s competing on the U.S. team in the women’s 1,500-meter race in Rio this August. CLICK HERE for the full story.

Food Dude

Taco Bell just announced that they’ll be testing new Cheetos Burritos starting in August. The beefy new burritos are stuffed with seasoned meat, buttery rice, a cheese sauce and everyone’s favorite puffy cheese snack. CLICK HERE to see more!

@tacobell is gonna start testing this cheesy Cheetos Burrito next month! || #foodbeast #tacobell #cheetos

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