Monday’s Show Links – 08/03


* Go to our Facebook page now and Comment, Share, and Like to WIN a $10 gift card to Pizza Hut AND the Insurgent DVD that comes out Tuesday!

*What Back to School gear can you not help buying for yourself when you’re supposed to be buying for the kids?  Find out what everyone’s saying on our Facebook page!

*Check out Savh’s Time Saver Dinner recipe for Cheesy Chicken and String Beans that we mentioned in the Producer’s Mailbag.

*Here’s the recipe for Jodi’s Homemade Blackberry Cobbler she made Murphy for his birthday!

*4 questions you should answer before getting married:
1 – Are you saying “yes” to him or the fantasy?
2 – Are you overlooking things in hopes that he will change?
3 – Are your friends and family happy?
4 – Are you both commited to the same vision of your future?

For more on each of these four things, head on over to YourTango.

Monday’s podcast show – 08.03

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