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Good Thing

This Father-Daughter Morning Mirror Motivation Sesh Is Everything We Need

Click here for more on Dad (Ron) and his daughter, Aliya’s morning movtivation sessions and how Ron does this for more kids than just his own!

The Hollywood Outsider

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Fighting Over Their Children

As I’m sure you already know, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have split. Jolie has filed for divorce, ending their 2 year marriage and 12 year relationship. So what does this mean for the celebrity (ex) couple and their 6 children? Sources say that custody of their kids will be the big battle in their separation. Not money or possessions. So while their financial assets seem to be set in order, Brad is prepared to fight for physical joint custody (meaning having the right for the children to live with them.)

According to reports, Brad hasn’t seen his kids since the big news broke last week. He is very upset by the unfortunate situation he has been placed in and disappointed by how it has to ‘play out publicly’.



Box office: ‘Magnificent Seven’ rides to $35M debut


‘Dancing With The Stars’: Face Off
For the third week of Dancing with the Starsseason 23, the competition is going to be very different. Monday’s episode is only an hour long, but we’ll still be getting 12 performances. However, the couples will all Face Off against each other, with the winner receiving immunity. CLICK HERE for more.


Golfing great Arnold Palmer dead at 87
Arnold Palmer, known as “the King” for his transformative legacy in golf, has died at the age of 87. He died Sunday evening at a Pittsburgh hospital while awaiting cardiac surgery, according to a statement from his company. CLICK HERE for more.

Music News

Justin Timberlake Covers Earth, Wind & Fire’s ‘September’
The Trolls soundtrack may be one of the more anticipated of the year thanks to the fact that Justin Timberlake served as executive music producer on the movie. Even though it won’t hit theaters until November 4th, the soundtrack drops tomorrow (September 23) and comes packed with lots of star-studded covers and Timberlake’s original, “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”. CLICK HERE for more.

Britney Spears to Cycle with 25 Lucky Fans in Cancer Charity Ride
The pop star, 34, will be participating in a charity cycling ride in Las Vegas (where she holds a residency) on Oct. 27 at XCYCLE.  Only 25 lucky cyclists will get a chance to ride with Spears, who hand-picked the songs that are going to be featured during the choreographed class. CLICK HERE for more.

How To Get The Best Seat On An Airplane, According To Flight Attendants And Experts

  • For SAFETY, pick an aisle seat in the rear, behind the “trailing edge of the wing.
  • For A SMOOTH RIDE, pick a seat over the wing.
  • For A QUIET RIDE, pick a seat toward the front of the cabin.
  • For SLEEPING, pick a window seat on the left side of the plane, near the middle of the aircraft.
  • For STORAGE, pick a seat in the rear.
  • For LEGROOM, pick an aisle seat in the exit row.
  • For KIDS, pick a seat in the bulkhead.Vector Plane. Plane Concept. Realistic Plane In the Sky. Plane Model. Vector Design.

CLICK HERE for full detailed explanations

Food Dude

Start testing happy meals for breakfast
The kid-focused breakfast items will be available at 73 McDonald’s restaurants in the Tulsa, Okla., area. Their introduction is coming soon after the debut of an expanded all-day breakfast menu, which, since launching last October has proven to be a boon to McDonald’s flagging bottom line. CLICK HERE for more.

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