Tuesday’s Show Links – 10/11

Jodi’s Hollywood Outsiders

Enchanted’ is Getting a Sequel

News recently broke that there is going to be a sequel to the 2007 animated/live action Disney film. Amy Adams is set to reclaim her role and Giselle but no word yet as to if Patrick Dempsey will be back to costar in the film. The sequel is said to be set 10 years after the original movie, and will deal with Giselle struggling with her “happily ever after.” The movie will be called ‘Disenchanted‘ and is aiming for a 2018 release date. Get more here! 

Porch Pirates

And how to protect yourself from them

Porch pirates are people who sneak up to your house and steal any packages that have been left there during your absence. Over 23 million Americans have gotten items stolen from their porches. CLICK HERE to see how to can prevent your packages from being taken by porch pirates.

Music News

The American Music Awards

The AMAs announced it’s nominees yesterday morning on “Good Morning America.” Hit makers such as Rihanna, Adele and Justin Bieber were a few to scoop up several nominations, but there’s one artist who out-shown everyone. Drake has lead the pack with a total of 13 nominations this year, breaking the previous record which was set by Michael Jackson in 1984 with 11 nominations. CLICK HERE for the full list of nominees.


Selena Gomez Resurfaces in Tennessee 

The pop star has been laying low ever since she canceled her tour back in August and checked herself into rehab due to health reasons. But now she has finally resurfaced. The singer was spotted at a Texas Roadhouse in Tennessee. And although she’s been keeping to herself and out of the spotlight the past few months, Gomez was kind enough to say hello and take a few pictures with fans that were at the restaurant.

Latest pics of SELENA with fans 😭❤️

A photo posted by Selena Fanpage (@selena_m_gomez_updates) on


Bruce Springsteen Signs Absent Note for a Boy Who Skipped School to See Him

The Thankful Pumpkin

Day 3: Every day up until Halloween we will be writing something we are thankful for on a (plastic) pumpkin. It’s a really neat and simple activity you can do with the entire family.

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