Murphy and Sam’s Gadget Gifts

Here’s a few gadgets from Murphy

The Amazon ECHO ( I hope Jodi sees I want this one :-). Just an all around cool device to have at home. It plays music, interacts with you, can do verbal searches, give news and weather- all of that is just the beginning. Check it out!!

WEARABLES – I chose these because they work with both Android and iPhone. If you know someone who would love one of these, the Moto 360 and the Pebble Time Round are great alternatives to the very expensive Apple Watch.

For someone who’d love to dabble in HOME AUTOMATION:
Simple, easy to setup dome camera 1080p videfo, pan tilt, can send meail alerts – and portable!


And be sure to check out Sam’s gadgets!

Turn almost anything into a guitar pick with one simple punch and ROCK the night away.

A great gadget for any music-loving Star Wars fan.

You’ll no longer be limited to throwing out coffee or sipping it cold with Coffee Cup Warmers!

Check out the smallest and lightest portable charger there is. The RAVPower Portable Charger 3350mAh External Battery Pack Power Bank is for Phones, Tablets and more.

This compact fire starter is perfect for camping or any other outdoor recreational activities.

Keep all of your electronic accessories safe and organized in this handy little kit. With 26 elastic loops, this case can hold all sorts of various items (even non-electronics).

This portable wireless surround sound speaker is great for any music lover. It can connect to any computer, digital music player, cell phone or other audio device via Bluetooth technology.

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6 years ago

I was trying to think of something useful and affordable for little gifts for two people – just ordered two of the RAVpower chargers, perfect! Thank you!! And that is it, my last two gifts bought – 2015 Christmas shopping – done! Yay!

6 years ago

I was listening to your show on my way to work Friday and was really intreged w the RAVpower charger. Just checked out your websit, located the item and ordered 4 for stocking stuffers. Was so easy to find and order. Thanks for all the leg work. I’m not a tech savvy person so it was a real blessing. Thanks guys!!
Merry Christmas ☃

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