Murphy: ‘A Really Cool Use For Duct Tape’

Silly as it may sound, duct tape has come to the rescue almost every time Jodi and I have had a broken glass incident at the house. Specifically those little shards of glass that you unfortunately find later with bare feet  ….here’s how it works….

As ‘Mr. Safety’  I’m a bit obsessive with cleaning up broken glass. Shoes go on and so do my thick work gloves to gather all the big pieces. Next,  out comes the broom and the oversized dustpan to get the smaller pieces. Then, everything is disposed of outside in a container that keeps the sharp edges protected.

The last step is something that I learned a few years ago from a friend that works beautifully. Duct tape. For the same reason in all of its crazy stickiness that frustrates you when trying to rip up a simple piece, it is great with lifting any remaining tiny, nearly invisible glistening pieces of glass. I simply stick and lift, stick and lift, and stick and lift until I’ve  covered the entire area where the glass was broken. Be careful when throwing it away is there will be some sharp pieces on the tape. You’ll likely see the reflection from a lot of super tiny pieces it has lifted.

When one of our dogs recently knocked over a candle holder I was challenged with getting the remaining shards over of a wide area of the floor. I did what we guys do and created a ‘duct tape pick up system’ attached to a Swifter pole and was able to easily scour the floor. Easier (and safer) than hands and knees on the floor even with the extra ‘prep.’

For what it’s worth it’s been one of those helpful hints (aka hacks) that I’ve used more than I care to admit –  but quite effective and worth sharing here!

Hear Murphy explain more about it below

Stripe of duct tape isolated on white

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Joy Ream
Joy Ream
6 years ago

help me please find link/recipe for your slow cooker bbq chicken/italian dressing sliders? i realize it is operator error but I can’t seem to locate?

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