Murphy and Jodi’s Rules For Kids On Social Media

As for our RULES and REGS on Social Media at home – Here’s what works for us (so far!)


Our NUMBER 1 Rule is – DO NOT talk to or exchange information with someone you don’t know.   We’ve explained many times the reason for the rule.  Anyone can say they are your age, or know someone you know.  You can’t trust it.  Use social media to be social with friends ONLY.  I’ve even shared some news stories with our oldest daughter about when kids have done this and it turned out badly.  That was hard, because it was about a 13 year old girl who was abducted by someone she’d been chatting with.   The story upset my daughter, but I felt it was necessary to share.

RANDOM CHECKS.  We take their devices every once in a while (sometimes they know about it, sometimes not)  We look through texts and apps.  Apps are maybe most important because that’s how kids communicate.  Our girls don’t use their phones to talk – almost ever!!

We installed and use TEEN SAFE.  Look into it.

It tracks everything they are doing on the device – for us to see anytime we feel we need to look.

Our kids also don’t have access to paid apps, or in app purchases without our permission.  We keep the passcode.  ChaChing!

Having those things in place, it’s still something we worry about.  Giving that device to a kid is almost like dropping them off at a party and never knowing who’s there or who will be stopping by.  Scary!   But that’s why we talk about it, monitor it, and limit it.   Many times – we just say, let’s DO something together and NOT look at a screen.  That’s when they remind us to do the same.


Hope this works for you!!!!


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Nancy Shealy
Nancy Shealy
2 years ago

I enjoyed listening to your program until a month or do ago. The station comes in good for about 2 hours and then it is very static and inaudible. This is on my car radio. My husband has same problem in his truck. What has changed? I miss your music.

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