Murphy: Being a Daddy to Daughters


I LOVE being a Daddy to girls. Always have. Jodi and I make it a prioirty to give our girls time, love, and attention. The Father-Daughter dance this weekend turned me into a total sap, and I’m okay with that 🙂 I was in heaven at Phoebe’s(11) dance with all the other dads, much like I had been just weeks before when Taylor (14) and I had our “just the two of us” dinner date. Our Pediatrician many years ago told the story of how he kept regular daddy-daughter date nights with each of his four girls – and I adopted that same idea. There’s something special about the one on one time that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I love our family as a group, and I love that we spend time with our girls as individuals, too. I thought I knew true love when Jodi and I married, but never knew true, deep unexplainable love until children came along and blossomed into these amazing young ladies. Don’t get me wrong- I’m certain if Jodi and I had boys I would have loved them just the same – but I love all the frilly, emotional, Barbie doll, dress-up, makeup, sweetness that comes with Daddies and daughters. More than anything else I want to teach them how they should treat others and be treated by others, teach them confidence to be leaders. And all it requires is a little time, love, and attention. Man, how I love being a Daddy to Daughters!

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