Murphy: The REAL reason we do Daylight Saving Time

Jodi was right. She usually is 🙂

It’s Tuesday and the Daylight Saving Time change still has me messed up and a little sleepy. The girls asked the magic question, but I had to Google. Why do we need it in the first place? I knew it had something to do with farm and extra light but that was about it.

So here’s the official answer.

Yes it had to do with Ben Franklin and yes it came back again during World War I and II in the United States – regardless of the era it was always about either preserving light, productivity or resources. In modern times that means everything from conserving electricity to longer work hours 🙂 At the end of the day though it seems like we could leave it one way or another. But then again I’m no Ben Franklin….

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Loretta and Jim Zsido
Loretta and Jim Zsido
6 years ago

They should leave it the way it is now basically to reserve electricity because those prices for electricity keep rising. Give the little guy a break.

And, we loved the picture of Murphy and Phoebe…How precious, she will remember that forever.

the show is great way to start our day and many relevant topics to keep us informed.

We love you guys and good luck to Sam with his on-line dating.

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