• Dad not hands free yet? Sometimes it’s the law – all the time it’s just plain safer (as Mr Safety would tell you).
  • As  a guy- I think it’s a cool gadget, but they do creep me out a little. Designed for the guy who’s into sport and wants to record (from fishing to skiing etc), it’s a cool, hands free ” point of view recording” device. However, dad might want to avoid wearing on the beach while he’s admiring the surroundings.
  • OK- So dad has everything already? The guy who’s the outdoors type, but can’t part with his electronics will find this cool. As long as there’s sun, you can recharge!
  • Duck Dynasty – the book. It’s in the Top 3 best sellers non-fiction list in the country and is the story of how Phil and the family got where they are today.
  • What – Still no tablet yet? If iPad is to pricey and proprietary, try the Kindle Fire HD. Great screen! Easy to use, books, internet, apps – everything a smart pad can do! For $199 it’s awesome. Suggestion – the 7 inch is $199, If Dad wants a slightly bigger screen, go for the 8.9 inch. It’s worth the additional $70 dollars.
  • There are grilling tools and then there are GRILLING TOOLS! Dad can use these for everyday or special occasion- heavy duty, and store is his own handy dandy case so no one else messes with them !
  • As crazy as this looks – you can’t beat the Thera cane for specific pressure point self massage. Hopefully dad won’t spend all his time in one place with his recliner, remote, and Thera Cane.

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