Murphy’s Gadget Guide

Want to get a cool gadget for someone for Christmas?  Check out Murphy’s gadget guide!

  • Laser Distance Measurer – A practical tool for the guy who uses it for work, a “cool tool” to have in your workshop at home. Let’s face it, guys love lasers!
  • Canon EOS Rebel Digital Camera – Want more than a pocket camera, but don’t want ot spend a fortune ? This Canon has been around for 18 months- and while its not the latest model, it consistently gets high marks from users. Knows as a DSLR camera, it takes much improved photos over standard pocket cameras – so it’s a great entry level DSLTR entry camera without “going pro.”
  • Lacie Cloudbox – One place to store movies, music, an photos – and share with everyone in the house ( and out)! Instead of hogging up memory on a computer, or constantly transferring movies and music, you can stream from your “own cloud.” Without getting to “geeky tech speak”. This is like having a hard drive on the network that anyone in the house can access easily for movies, music, pics and more!
  • Cool tablets:
    It’s a tie, depending on what you need: Kindle Fire HD (their latest) has better screen and is best for reading and watching movies. iPad Mini’s screen is very good, but offers you a lot more apps in the iTunes store. It’s a matter of personal preference and use, but you wont sacrifice quality with either. iPad mini is more expensive. If it’s “mom or dad’s first eReader”, the easiest way to choose is choosing based on the first sentence above. Kindle Fire HD comes in the new 8.9 inch screen and the 7 inch.
    Kindle Fire HD 7 inch display

    Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch display

    iPad mini
  • Nintendo DS Lite – Gaming on the go. One of Nintendo’s most successful game platforms. If you’re kid hasn’t had one yet- maybe this is Santa’s year?
  • Motorola Rechargable Walkie Talkies – You’re never too old to have walkie talkies- they’re just a whole lot better and more powerful these days ! These are good for play, camping, festivals – you name it. The three pack is cool because mom, dad, and kids have one. These also have the weather radio built in.
  • Garmin 405 GPS running watch – This is the one Producer Emilie has and loves!  A runner’s best friend(next to good shoes) is the GPS running watch. Effortlessly manages distance and time while you focus on enjoying the run!
  • Brunton Flip and Drip Coffee Maker – Gotta have your coffee?!?! But no electricity anywhere? For camping, this is cool.
  • Podcast Studio start-up kit – Have a natural born entertainer or talker in your house ? Here’s a solid podcaster startup kit.
  • Wii U – It’s a Wii console in your hands!  Wow this is impressive.

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