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Murphy’s Top 3 Favorite Love Story Movies

3 – The Notebooknotebook_ver2

Starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams


  • Jodi brought me to this movie when it was in theaters – and I’ve never been able to get over the ending.  Not saying I want to see it again, but it is well done.  Great story!

2 – Silver Linings Playbooksilver_linings_playbook

Starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence


  • A very grown up story with a touch of crazy!  It feels very real – and was based on an actual story.   Just a well made movie.  I also loved how DeNiro played the caring, wise father.

1 – Overboard857d735806ce8ee5de92de22e71dc510

Starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell


  • Jodi has watched this so much at home over the years – it finally got to me.   No wonder she loves it.  Goldie’s character falls in love with someone she NEVER would have even looked at in her real life.   This movie is funny too – with a lot of heart.

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Vanessa Lynch
Vanessa Lynch
4 years ago

Hope Floats & Officer and a Gentlemen

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